Focus, endurance and distinction define BESOAIN WINES, the soul of the BESOAIN ESTATE, BESOAIN/Lafken, LOS MORROS and TROTAMUNDOS wine lines.
Each of these Chilean wine lines is the result of the work carried out by the team led by Miguel Besoaín, a Chilean winemaker trained in France and Germany, who has dedicated his professional life to the development of wine lines, that focus on enhancing the maximum expression of the raw material at hand, thanks to the passion and dedication at every stage: from the cultivation and harvesting of the grapes to the last detail of the vinification and bottling.

From the icon line BESOAIN ESTATE to the varietal line LOS MORROS, passing through the premium wines BESOAIN/Lafken and TROTAMUNDOS, each bottle is a true reflection of Chilean wines produced on a small scale in a winery where a small and committed team works with Franco-German methodology and technology to achieve exceptional quality in each vintage. We can proudly share that our wines have been recognized with prizes by important international juries over the years.

To become what BESOAIN WINES is today, tenacity has played an important role: in the first harvest, in 2004, we only had a 2,500-litre vat, which was loaded by hand with a bucket, and only 9 barrels that were selected and roasted personally by Miguel.

After 17 years, the winery has a capacity of 60,000 liters and 250 barrels and has grown from selling its wines directly to acquaintance and friends, to regularly exporting to various countries on four continents and having a branch established in Germany.

At BESOAIN WINES, we believe that thanks to our focus on surpassing our clients expectations, taking care of our team and establishing sustainable relationships with our suppliers, we can persevere a wine that makes us proud each time a bottle is uncorked.

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