The name Los Morros refers to the small hills that we find throughout the Central Valley of Chile, which thanks to their geological characteristics and their Mediterranean climate are highly valued for planting vineyards.

Our wines are characterized by being young, expressive and fruity. They consistently represent the typical features of each variety offered.

Our winemaker, Miguel Besoaín, has maintained a long-term trusting cooperation with numerous vine growers and winemakers throughout the Central Valley. With this interaction decisions are made for each stage of production. After tasting dozens of samples, the best grapes and best bulk wines are selected to be part of a specific vintage of Los Morros.

We do not use powders or wood chips. Any indication of wood notes in our red wines rather comes from a lower percentage of wine matured in barrels with the purpose of achieving a more complex wine.

Initially, Los Morros Wines became known and appreciated predominantely in restaurants and bars in California. Nowadays, they are increasingly gaining favour in homes that respect their quality and freshness as an accompaniment to day to day living.

The presentation of Los Morros wines lies in their nature: they are young wines designed for consumption over a period of three years; we aim to maintain its freshness. We do not want more to be paid for packaging which is going to be discarded, rather for the contents which are going to be drunk. That is the reason for using screw caps, light bottles and simple packaging which is also environmentally friendly leaving a lower carbon footprint.

In order to offer a true best value wine, Los Morros has always, and will continue to focus on the contents of the bottle.


Los Morros Carménère 2021 Color: Deep ruby with violet hues. Nose: Sweet tobacco, cedar, chocolate. Palate: Smooth, concentrated and persistent. Cassis and ripe plums.


Los Morros Cabernet Sauvignon 2020
Color: Dark ruby red.
Nose: Very fruity with notes of blackberries.
Palate: It is well structured on the palate with cassis and strawberries with round tannins.


Los Morros Pinot Noir 2020
Color: Lively ruby red.
Nose: Lots of red fruits, raspberries, strawberries and earthy notes.
Palate: Well structured, fresh plums and long finish.


Los Morros Sauvignon Blanc 2022 Color: Pale straw with greenish highlights. Nose: Expressive, with lychee, peaches and white pepper notes. Palate: Maracuja and ginger, dry wine, mineral structure, juicy and refreshing acidity.


Los Morros Rosé 2022
Color: Brilliant, pale rose.
Nose: Expressive, berries from the forest.
Palate: Lively, white peach, refreshing and long finish.

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